“What’s all in the Miso Salad?”

So, I was taking a poop recently, and as I tend to do when I am going to be sitting in one place for an extended period of time, I looked around out of boredom.  Usually in a work bathroom, when there is nothing interest around, it is a good thing.  However, I was fortunate enough to find a can of Lysol.  This is fortunate for three reasons.  One: it makes the bathroom smell less like ass and more like flowery ass.  B of all: it gave me something to read.  And lastly: it gave me an idea for a silly post to write about while at work, hence distracting and entertaining me instead of me sitting here bored.

As I read over the instructions and all the awesome things Lysol kills (including Hepatitis B and HIV), I noticed something even more amazing that caught my eye…the active ingredients list. 

Normally, people browse over this.  It is a cleaning chemical, or a tube of toothpaste, or whatever.  You use it to do its job; you don’t want to read all of the twelve syllable words that make up the compounds in these products.  So you can imagine my astonishment when I noticed only three things listed.  They were…

Alkyl (C12-C18) dimethylbenzylammonium – 0.08%

Ethanol – 58.12%

Other ingredients – 41.8%

……..Wait a minute……..

You are going to be spraying this stuff all of your household, and in hospitals, and schools, and kitchens, and you can get away with, “We aren’t going to tell you what makes up 41.8% of this stuff that you are going to be breathing in, and touching, and getting into your eyes.”  How does that work?

Imagine going to a restaurant and you see the following description of a salad, “Shredded Napa cabbage with fresh avocado, daikon, carrots, onions, crispy rice noodles, Miso dressing, and 45% other ingredients.”  Now, it could just be paranoid old me, but if there is a good chance that something is going to go into my body somehow, I’d at least like the option of knowing what that other 45% is.

Well, that was my unusual thought for the day.  I don’t really care about the Lysol can not listing it.  It is just a curiosity that they can get away with it.


About Berton

I am a 27-year old barista / PCA with the lofty dream of being a comic book writer but the realistic goal of becoming an high school communication arts teacher. I am a married man, which is still odd to think about. However, don't let this fact confuse you: I am surely not a grown-up.
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One Response to “What’s all in the Miso Salad?”

  1. trevsey says:

    The other 41.8% is love.

    Or anti-poop.

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