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DnD – Cave of Conscience Encounters 5 – 7

Encounter 5 (800 XP) – After the group took care of the ice spiders, they followed the floating ice path down a winding hallway.  With a dungeoneering DC18, they noticed that the path was beginning to angle downwards.  A nature DC18 also showed … Continue reading

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MSM – Placement is key

“Don’t put it there, then I can’t get in!”

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MSM – How do you like taking your vaccinations?

“Shots in the ass aren’t that bad; you just have to be really relaxed.” Trevsey, after taking the obvious shot in the ass.

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DnD – Cave of Conscience Encounters 1 – 4 (level 5 PCs)

Encounter 1 (500 XP) – The first encounter was a fairly simple set of skill or reasoning checks.  The entrance to the cave and first room was VERY slippery.  In order to use a move action normally, they needed to … Continue reading

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DnD – Into the Cave of Crystallized Conscience

Here is my first installment of my DnD encounters series.  I wish I would have started this at the beginning of the campaign so that I could write down the whole history / story of the world and the characters … Continue reading

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“What’s all in the Miso Salad?”

So, I was taking a poop recently, and as I tend to do when I am going to be sitting in one place for an extended period of time, I looked around out of boredom.  Usually in a work bathroom, … Continue reading

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