MSM – Perversion

My wife gets sick of me at times, mostly due to my perverted nature.  I can’t blame her, considering I turn everything into a Michael Scott “That’s what she said,” moment.  But seriously, if you start your day at 7am with the following e-mail from your boss, what do you expect me to do?

“Today is a very tight staffing day!  Let me know if there are any holes, and I will try to fill them.”


About Berton

I am a 27-year old barista / PCA with the lofty dream of being a comic book writer but the realistic goal of becoming an high school communication arts teacher. I am a married man, which is still odd to think about. However, don't let this fact confuse you: I am surely not a grown-up.
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One Response to MSM – Perversion

  1. trevsey says:

    With what will she fill them, dear Daniel, dear Daniel?
    Dear Daniel, with what?

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