The Start of Something New

Sometimes, I just need to start things over in my life.  I need a change of pace.  A new outlook.  Insert other cliche phrases here.  At times, I feel my creative juices just don’t have as many outlets as I would like.  Sure, being a sweet Dungeon Master allows me to create sweet worlds and fun encounters (or that is how I perceive them), but apparently my brain is crying out for more.

This blog aspires to be that new thing for me.  We will see where it goes, if anywhere.  Hence the title.


About Berton

I am a 27-year old barista / PCA with the lofty dream of being a comic book writer but the realistic goal of becoming an high school communication arts teacher. I am a married man, which is still odd to think about. However, don't let this fact confuse you: I am surely not a grown-up.
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One Response to The Start of Something New

  1. trevsey says:

    Apparently being a dungeon master also gives you a +2 to adjective use, allowing you to use the word “sweet” to describe two separate objects in the same sentence. Nice buff.

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