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MSM – Save a Woody?

“I save Woodys, not princesses.” -3 year old boy in a Buzz Lightyear costume Advertisements

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MSM – Perversion

My wife gets sick of me at times, mostly due to my perverted nature.  I can’t blame her, considering I turn everything into a Michael Scott “That’s what she said,” moment.  But seriously, if you start your day at 7am … Continue reading

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DnD – The Torn Apart Campaign

As I mentioned in my first post, I am currently dungeon mastering (yup, I turned it into a verb) a Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition campaign.  DnD has been a game I have played for roughly ten years now, and … Continue reading

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The Start of Something New

Sometimes, I just need to start things over in my life.  I need a change of pace.  A new outlook.  Insert other cliche phrases here.  At times, I feel my creative juices just don’t have as many outlets as I … Continue reading

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